Holiday Party Pairings

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Love to entertain, but want something new to share with your guests this year? Let Jeptha Creed help make your holiday parties a success. Our food and beverage experts teamed up to create two delightful seasonal pairings, perfect for your next holiday gathering.


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Pairing No. 1

It would be quite a task to prepare and serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to a large group of people, but we’ve managed to distill the flavors and feelings of Thanksgiving into this delectable pairing.


Thanksgiving Dinner Sliders

Slices of turkey, cheddar cheese, cranberry relish, and a gravy “mayo” nestled on a Bloody Butcher cornbread dressing bun. This is the perfect holiday party sandwich, or a delicious way to make use of Thanksgiving leftovers! Make party-day preparation a snap by assembling ahead of time and just toss in the oven to reheat before serving. Make a vegetarian option by using a smoked tofu or meatless sausage.


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Truly Thanksgiving

Jeptha Creed Straight 4-Grain Bourbon, allspice dram, simple syrup, lime juice, and egg whites blend into a creamy spiced cocktail that pairs perfectly with Thanksgiving Dinner Sliders. This twist on the prohibition-era Lion’s Tale beautifully marries allspice dram with the subtle spiciness of our bourbon. Make preparation simple by batching all of the ingredients aside from the egg white, and then shaking to order. Omit the egg for the same delicious flavor with a slightly different mouthfeel.


Pairing No. 2

When the weather gets chilly, nothing warms you up like a freshly baked cookie. Santa will thank you for sharing this refined cookie packing a punch of bourbon. We bet he’ll also appreciate if you leave out the accompanying cocktail in lieu of milk.


Bourbon Cornmeal Cookies

The addition of Bloody Butcher cornmeal makes for a unique and chewy consistency, perfect for dunking. The cornmeal also absorbs liquid, allowing you to infuse the batter with even more bourbon. With this batter base, you can customize the cookie however you like, adding nuts, different types of chocolate, or even toffee chips. By preparing the batter ahead of time, you’ll just form the cookies and bake on party day.


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Creed Christmas

Jeptha Creed apple vodka, pecan and hazelnut liqueurs, simple syrup, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings come together to create something nostalgic but unique. Make this cocktail your own by using amaretto liqueur in place of the pecan and hazelnut, or by replacing apple vodka with Jeptha Creed blueberry or honey vodkas. You can even trade the chocolate shavings for coconut! Prep is a snap by batching ahead of time and shaking to order. You can even set out a garnish bar and let your guests decide how to construct their own treat!


There you have it: four delicious ways to make your holiday party stand out this year. If you make one of these dishes or drinks, make sure to share and tag us on social media @jepthacreed; we love to see how you celebrate with Jeptha Creed.

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