Map of United States showing Jeptha Creed Spirit availability.

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If you live in a state where we have distribution, please visit and support your local bars and liquor stores. If you are located in a state we have direct shipping availability, visit our online spirits shop. If you are outside of our current distribution check for wider shipping options.

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Want the spirit of Jeptha Creed no matter where you are? Find our products online or sold in a store near you.

Search results do not reflect real-time inventory. Please call ahead to confirm that the product you’re looking for is in stock or see what other Jeptha Creed spirits they now carry.

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      Our Distributors:
      Kentucky - Republic National Distributing Company (502) 254-8600
      Indiana - Johnson Brothers (317) 667-0230
      Tennessee - Lipman Brothers, LLC (615) 244-2230
      Missouri - Vintegrity (816) 842-0900
      Illinois - BC Merchants (872) 206-2361
      Texas - Green Light Distribution -
      United States - (online)
      United Kingdom - (online)

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