jeptha creed creek

The Kentucky heat will linger for a while yet, but summer is drawing to a close. To get the most out of the season, we’re spending as much time as possible enjoying our patio and appreciating the peace that our farm offers. The patio is the best spot to enjoy a cocktail around here, and of course, the most refreshing cocktails are made with Kentucky limestone water.

Everyone knows that Kentucky makes the best bourbon. While our volatile weather is a huge factor, our water is no small part. This region is known for being rich in limestone, which makes up over half of the surface rock in Kentucky. Iron is naturally removed from the water as it flows over the limestone. Iron can convey a metallic taste and can turn bourbon black. At the same time as the iron is being removed, the pH is being raised, and water is collecting beneficial minerals, like calcium and magnesium carbonates, which encourage the fermentation process. All in all, Kentucky water is good for drinking and great for distilling.

Water surrounds Jeptha Creed. Our distillery property is lined by two creeks: the smaller Dry Run Creek and the larger Clear Creek. Where the two creeks meet, there’s a deep well (no one is quite sure how deep!) In the past, we’ve transported water from that well up to the distillery to make spirits, and we even have tanks to store creek water when we need to. Now that Jeptha Creed Distillery has been up and running for over four years, our production levels make municipal water much more efficient than the creeks. Thankfully, we’re still able to use Kentucky limestone water for all of our products, ensuring the best possible taste.

Aside from a cocktail on the patio, our favorite part of summer at Jeptha Creed has always been getting to meet the travelers who drop by to savor a sip of our Kentucky heritage. This summer has certainly been different, but we’ve still been lucky to have visitors over the past two months (safely masked and socially distanced, of course.)

If you’re interested in visiting Jeptha Creed this summer, make sure to read our ”Welcome Back” blog post here: Our visitor center is open Thursday – Saturday from 11 am – 6 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm – 5 pm, and in response to this unique summer, we opened our formerly exclusive Barrel Tasting Experience to all guests. Now, in addition to tours, guests have the opportunity to visit our rickhouse and taste bourbon straight from the barrel. Of course, if you want to water down that barrel strength bourbon, we’ll have plenty of Kentucky limestone water nearby. Cheers!


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