Made In and Of Kentucky: Jeptha Creed Vodka

Jeptha Creed tractor

We’ve recently announced that Jeptha Creed Vodka will be the official vodka of the 2018 Kentucky Derby Festival. We’re thrilled to share this news! We feel this partnership is a natural fit for Jeptha Creed. The Kentucky Derby Festival is an iconic Kentucky series of events that emphasize all that Kentucky is about!

The Kentucky Derby Festival is a month-long celebration of community held in the weeks leading up to the famed Kentucky Derby—the fastest two minutes in sports! The Festival brings 1.5 million people together for a month-long bash of excitement that boasts international recognition.  What better vodka to showcase the uniqueness of Kentucky than one that is made right here, by locals, and made from 100% heirloom corn?  The spirit of the Kentucky Derby Festival is unrivaled, so of course, it demands to have an Official Vodka that’s just as equally robust.

Our family, distillery, and methods embody the spirit of Kentucky and the values of Kentuckians.

We Go the Extra Mile

Kentuckians are hard-working folks. And we at Jeptha Creed are certainly Kentuckians. We don’t shy away from anything just because it’s going to be harder, especially when it means a better-tasting product. In our vodkas, we use Heirloom Bloody Butcher corn. It’s not your typical, everyday corn – it’s harder to grow and produces lower yields. But this type of corn has an earthier, more complex flavor which produces a better, more well-rounded and interesting vodka!  We work hard to grow all we can on our farm.

We Care for the Land and Our Neighbors

You read that last paragraph right; we grow our own Heirloom Bloody Butcher corn on our own land — land in Shelbyville, Kentucky that’s been in our family for over 250 years. In fact, we try to grow as much as we can on our own farm because it matters to us where our ingredients come from. Whatever we can’t grow on our own, we try to source locally; this helps us not only support our community, but get fresher, tastier ingredients. We know that the better ingredients are before they go into the bottle, the better the spirits will be when they come out!

We Don’t Forget Where We Came From

“Ne Oublie” is a Scottish Gaelic term for “Never Forget”. At Jeptha Creed, you’ll find “Ne Oublie” written in various spots around the distillery.  You will find it on our Jeptha Creed Vodka label, and even embroidered in our shirts, because it reflects a legacy that’s been handed down in our family for generations.  Ne Oublie is a value that we’re staying true to with our business: no matter what, “never forget where you came from.”

There are so many ways to use Jeptha Creed Vodka in your spring cocktails this Derby Festival season.  If you’re looking for a little inspiration, grab a Cocktail Passport and head to one of our 17 participating bars and ask for the specialty Jeptha Creed Vodka Cocktail.

So let’s raise a glass to the values of our great state, with a vodka that’s made in and of Kentucky! We hope you enjoy this 2018 Kentucky Derby Festival.  It’s sure to be spirited!  Ne Oublie!

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