Jeptha Day 2017

jeptha day

Here at Jeptha Creed, we appreciate the history and the heritage of our home. That’s why we’ve created our own holiday to celebrate! On July 11, we’ll celebrate the first Jeptha Day. What’s Jeptha Day, you ask? It’s a day to remember some of the details of our history that have been lost or forgotten. And for the first annual celebration, we wanted to reflect on the name “Jeptha” and what it means to us.

We took inspiration for our name from Jeptha Knob, the highest point in the Kentucky Bluegrass. Part of the reason we fell in love with the name was the history we learned about the area. Before Shelby County existed, before Kentucky was a state, Squire Boone and his brother Daniel Boone were exploring the area. They were drawn to the knob for hunting. Up at the top, they found a salt lick, a perfect spot to hunt deer and buffalo. They left a survey stone with their initials to mark their progress. Squire Boone choose to name the mountain they were hunting on Jephthah Mountain after the biblical warrior in Judges 11, but after years of misspellings the name became Jeptha Knob. Not long after their discovery of Jeptha Knob, Squire Boone founded Painted Stone. And if it wasn’t for a few manuscripts, we wouldn’t have known this piece of history. That’s why it is so important to save the documents we can, so that future generations won’t forget the history that made us who we are today.

Why did we pick July 11 for Jeptha Day? To represent the eleventh chapter of Judges, which is the seventh book of the bible. When we decided to create our own holiday, no other date but July 11 would do for Jeptha Day.


All of our stills are in the building and getting piped up! Half the mezzanine is up and the rest is getting completed. The warehouse is 80% complete. The breakroom cabinets are installed and the offices are almost ready. We now have running water! The dormers are complete, and the cupolas are almost ready to go up on the roof. 95% of the exterior structure is complete!

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