Taking Our Ground to Glass Concept to the Next Level

At Jeptha Creed, we strive to make the very most of our natural and local resources, not letting a single thing go to waste. The Ground to Glass concept behind all of our cocktails is just a small piece of the work we are doing to create a more sustainable Jeptha Creed.

Recently, we began composting to further utilize the resources our family farm provides at the distillery. The composting unit is located on the back of the distillery, easily accessible to everyone working in the bar and kitchen alike. Composting provides fresh, local fertilizer that we are able to recycle into the crops we use to develop our spirits and in our delicious cocktail recipes.

Everything we do here at Jeptha Creed is truly a labor of love. Even our employees work everyday to come up with fresh, new ideas to make our distillery better. The composting program was the idea of our very own mixologist and bar manager, Tom Payne, and bartender, Mackenzi Poehlein. Working at the bar everyday developing recipes and serving our amazing customers, he saw more quickly than anyone the need to begin this program. He brought the idea to our attention and we jumped at the opportunity to dig even deeper into our ground to glass concept. What better way to bring our values full circle than starting at the source with our own house-made fertilizer?

We couldn’t be more grateful to have such an amazing, innovative staff working with us every day. The entire Jeptha Creed team is dedicated to making our vision a reality and we couldn’t do it without them.

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