How Beekeeping Inspired Our Honey Flavored Vodka

honey vodka

Newest part-owner of Jeptha Creed, Hunter Nethery, has been keeping bees since childhood when he was given extra hives by a friend. Hunter now keeps the bees at Jeptha Creed, the honey from which we use in our Honey-Flavored Vodka. Jeptha currently has about eight hives in total, which altogether produce about 2-4 gallons of honey each year. About 85 mL of that honey, and other locally grown honey, goes into every bottle of Jeptha Creed Honey-Flavored Vodka.

Beekeeping, according to Hunter, seems more intimidating than it actually is. To get started, all one really needs is the hive bodies (the boxes where the bees live) and of course, the bees themselves. The bee suit is helpful, Hunter says, but not necessary. Similarly, the all-purpose hive tool, which is used to pry open the beehive lid and separate boxes, isn’t required to get started. That said, bees will use a remarkably sticky substance called propolis to seal the hive, so a sharp hive tool is highly recommended!

Hunter says the most surprising thing about beekeeping is just how laid back it can be. Beekeepers, he says, often debate how frequently or infrequently to check the hives. Some check weekly, some monthly, and so on. But, Hunter says, bees are self-sufficient for the most part. Aside from checking on the hive periodically, and keeping an eye out for unusual activity, bees don’t require much care. The flip side of this is that a beekeeper needs to understand the bees’ “language” and the way they operate in order to anticipate anything strange, like swarming. Well, we’ll let Hunter handle that part… we have this Bee Sting cocktail to finish. Cheers!

Watch the rest of our interview with Hunter in this month’s video: How Beekeeping Inspired Our Honey Flavored Vodka


The Perfect Summer Drink: The Bee Sting

Summer days are here: the Kentucky sun is blazing, and hot, dusty days are peppered with summer storms. It makes us want to sit on the porch and sip one of our favorite summer cocktails: The Bee Sting. The Bee Sting is a delectable and refreshing blend of Jeptha Creed Honey-Flavored Vodka, Triple Sec, and Ne Oublie Black Walnut Bitters.

Our Honey-Flavored Vodka is a unique product, made with our heirloom Bloody Butcher corn and fresh honey harvested from our own hives. Before pouring, tip the bottle to see a whirlwind of opulent clouds of real, natural honey integrating with the vodka. The nose is warm and sweet, with hints of shortbread cookie, almond, and honey. The taste is floral, with bright cane sugar and cereal notes, and the finish is rich and sweet with a full mouthfeel.

Combine two ounces of our vodka with Triple Sec in a glass, over ice. Triple Sec is an orange-flavored liqueur, with the essence of bitter orange, and sugar, which brings a refreshing, subtle fruit flavor to the Bee Sting. Add three dashes of Ne Oublie Walnut Bitters (or your favorite bitters) for just a touch of warm spice. Stir, strain, and serve in a chilled glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry and enjoy while watching the corn stalks sway in the fields. Check out how to make it by clicking here!

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